This is Santa Fe’

Posted on 17 May 2019

This is Santa Fe’

Written by Keith Mouland.

Well I’m going out tonight, out to the Santa Fe’
I said out where the sky is big and the stars are bright
Let me pick you up, we’ll go for a ride
Cars in the parking lot, chrome begins to shine

Looking just like a silver lining
Now maybe there’s still a dream to be finding
Well see that girl in line, she’s dressed up real fine
She’s looking like a flower in the day

Yeah just like a rose in bloom, this is the Santa Fe’
Better swing your partner now, right to the middle of the floor
Then keep on dancing ’till the break of day
Just leave your cares at the door, this is the Santa Fe’

Some call it Shangri La, some say a waste of time
But if you don’t mind, neither do I
‘Cause when you walk through the door, you’re gonna’ feel alright
Now 1 2 3 4 5, we’re the last ones alive

We’re gonna’ take every chance that comes our way
You’ll be gald you came, this is the Santa Fe’
You’ll be glad you came now this is the Santa Fe’