“Phoebe” – a love story

Posted on 27 Jul 2018

“Phoebe” – a love story

The Country song “Phoebe” came about from the bringing together of a poem and a tune.

Dave Pearce, a Country music lover from Wiltshire, UK contacted me recently about using the lyric from his poem that he had written about his late wife Phoebe and sing it as a Country song.

I had a couple of melodies at that time so I put one of them with Dave’s lyric and they seemed to fit perfectly.

We met at Pete Lamb’s studio in Potterne, Wilts and recorded with vocal and acoustic guitar. Then added bass and lead guitar (care of Pete) and a little pedal steel (Micky Wareham).

At the same session we made another recording, I used the other melody I had with Dave’s other poem about his older brother Mike, who was taken to the U. S. A. as a boy.

Another story, another song.