Olde Times

Posted on 13 Nov 2018

Olde Times

I found this old photograph recently and it started me off on a trip down memory lane.

Mid to late 60’s, my kind of thing then was Rock/Blues and funky old style R & B., The Kinks, Them, The Animals, The Stones among many were laying it down! The Byrds, Captain Beefheart, Jimi Hendrix, to name a few, were starting to take it somewhere else. I saw Spirit at the Lyceum, London, great night, a good friend who was there on the night asked me if I’d seen Robert Plant in the crowd ? Can’t say that I did but he was fond of a bit of West Coast music I believe !

I spent quite a bit of time around Southampton, Gosport and Fareham. I used to go to the old Concorde Club in a back room of The Bassett Hotel on Southampton Common. There’s nothing quite like a loud and proud band ripping it up in a sweaty little blues club, I saw Rory Gallager and Free there on several occasions, good times !

Started singing in a Blues/Rock outfit called The Acme Dissused Warehouse Company Ltd. odd names were common then as they are now. We enjoyed it and so did lots of people who came to gigs. By the way if there are any survivors out there who remember it, drop me a line, it would be good to hear from you !

Took in a few music festivals that were happening, I recall Kris Kristoferson and his acoustic band getting yelled offstage by a Rock hungry crowd at the 1969 Isle Of wight, heard him saying ” better get off boys we’re gonna get lynched ” you had to make your own amusement in those days. Then the 1970 Isle Of Wight caught The Doors up close and personal, at night, on a side stage,remember the red lighting and the ambient, intimate sound. A year later 1971 The glastonybury Fayre a kind of English Woodstock I guess. The Terry Reid band were a highlight for me, free and easy with a great Country/Rock vibe !

I explored Alternative Folk and found that writing songs was a good form of expression, played solo in some clubs, don’t remember them all. That’s probably a good place to stop for now !