The Doghouse Boys

Posted on 1 Feb 2014

The Doghouse Boys

The Doghouse Boys was a four piece band from Salisbury. We played all over the South/West, at all kinds of venues during 2005/2011.

We were all about bringing our brand of Honky-Tonk music to people and we called it “Country with the dirt left on

Now some people really got it and some didn’t but I’m glad that me and the boys got out there and played it, we enjoyed it and on the whole we went down well.

I also got some of my songs recorded and played live with the band.

We all had an alias, mine was “Doug Hayride” (lead vocal and rhythm guitar). The other guys were: “Rusty Tin” (lead guitars), “Hank Pussy” (bass) and “Randy Phantom” (drums and harmony vocal).