Posted on 2 Jan 2014


When I was recording the songs for my album “White Lies From The Tall Grass” back in 2003/4 I picked up a couple of Telecasters for the sessions.

There used to be a musical instrument shop in Westbury, Wilts as far as I can remember it was called Madcap Music, but it’s no longer there. Anyway when I was passing I would check it out for used guitars. I found this quirky “New York Pro” telecaster with Fender pick ups and hardware in there. A real hybrid but it kind of worked! Also I got a Mexican Nashville tele from Sarum Guitars in Salisbury, a fine little guitar for a cheapie!

I used these two again on a couple more tracks “Twenty Four Towns” and “Take Me Back To The Country” that I’m going to put out as digital download singles in 2014.

Happy New Year!