In The Heart

Posted on 13 Feb 2013

In The Heart

Written by Keith Mouland

There’s an old man and a young kid singing harmony
Like a couple of angels on a day-trip from heaven
Now in this festival of bones pride is the key
It’s not easy to lift it up to a higher level

Now you can take a trip down to last hope
All the way from a dream broke
Draw a line under no joke
But living’s in the heart
Get burned out on a main road
Lost down a side road
Pay your dues on a hard road
But living’s in the heart

And there’s an old man and a young kid living the life they need
You might hear their song while you’re dreaming
And it may take you higher than you’ve ever really been
And put you back on earth while you’re still breathing

Now you can guarantee on a flat broke
Yeah live the life down in San Trope’
And wander around in a blindfold
But living’s in the heart
You can tell yourself that you can’t cope
Had to leave on a sad note
Hang yourself on enough rope
But living’s in the heart
Well hang yourself with enough rope
Living’s in the heart.