That Old Full Moon

Posted on 14 Feb 2013

That Old Full Moon

Written by Keith Mouland

Well don’t show me no other dance Lord I love those moves
Smell those hot dogs on a summer breeze under the maple grove
Sunlight on a butterfly and starlight on a tin
Now you can’t blame it all on that old full moon

I nearly blew my heart apart thinking of you
Somebody tell me where that sweet love went Lord I’d like to know
Like a final word she rose last night
Now why is the summer so damn cold
You can’t blame it all on that old full moon

Now some people like the kind of song that makes ‘em cry
I never knew how you could feel so good when you are close to dying
All those self-help preachers and life coach teachers
They sit there on the side of life
Well I blame it on that old full moon
You got sunlight on a butterfly and you got starlight on a tin
But don’t blame it all on that old full moon.