Posted on 14 Feb 2013


Written by Keith Mouland

Now give me a message but don’t explain
You can call it love but I don’t need no name
Don’t have to tell me the time is right
I’ve been ready and waiting all of my life
I know there’s something special to be found
So I’m jumping on board the merrygoround.


Cause that’s all I all I want
And that’s all I all I want
And that’s all I want to do
Now we can take it to the limit and that’s just fine
But I’d rather be with you just taking my time.

And I don’t know how far we’re gonna get
Could be the whole thing or just a little bit
Now merrygoround let’s get out on the floor
Party like we never partied before
And we can dance all night till the sun breaks through
Then I’m jumping on the merry go round with you.

Repeat chorus twice.