Astro Country

Posted on 18 Feb 2013

Astro Country

Well, this one is close to my heart, the start of the road really. It’s a collection of simple love songs with an Alternative Country feel. I wrote these songs in the nineties and this little album was released in 2005.

I recorded most of it at Tim Madden’s home studio in Wiltshire, England. Tim also sat in on some of the songs with various instruments and effects. The last track ” Destiny ” was recorded in 1993 at Brad’s studio in Salisbury.

The album was then mastered by HTB Productions.

A bit about the songs:

MOMENT OF AWAKENING; This is about lying under a starry night sky and letting your imagination go.

WE HAD A LOVE; Thinking you have lost something precious and bringing it back from the brink.

FALLEN LEAVES; Really about the disposable nature of stuff including love
SEASONS; This is all about a journey into sound and lyrics purely for the sake of the ride.

ROUGH & READY; Just an autobiographical Country song.

DESTINY; A love song with western imagery.